No Holes Drilled

“Buyer Beware”, most paintless dent companies want you to drop your car off and will not let you watch the repair because they are secretly drilling holes in your car and not telling you. The holes they drill will range from 1/4 to 2 inches and are drilled in door jambs, roof rails, or other structural areas.

Why is this not an acceptable repair?

Automobile manufacturers don’t allow holes to be drilled to remove dents, its a safety issue. Vehicles have crash points designed to deflect energy away from the occupants, and even a small hole drilled in those areas can cause worse damage to your vehicle or worse bodily damage to the occupants. Also, drilling holes to remove dents can VOID your factory corrosion warranty. Several paintless dent repair companies have been sued because the holes they drilled caused greater damage to the vehicle and in some cases injuries in accidents following incorrect repairs.

Our Promise!

Enfield’s Detail and Dent Repair promises to NEVER drill any holes and guarantee to repair your vehicle back to like new condition.

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